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    Solutions that Automate Visitors and Perserve Security
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    Best Time & Attendance Solutions that grow your business
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About Us

Business City LLC. is a solution provider company spcialized in security, identity proof and solar systems. In its early steps since 2003 Business City was established to improve e-services provided to gvernment and private secotrs and has gained customers trust in very short time by providing high-end quality guaranteed solutions. Business City is keen to contribute to the massive technical movement our beloved country is moving towards by supporting the future vision of 2030, to be market leaders in all services we are specialized in.

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In the age of biometrics, where security of infomration became part of organizations's business we are keen to provide a unique pakcage of security systems with high-end technologies that promotes your business and keep privacy safe. Biometrics technologies including fingerprint, face recognition, vien recognition, iris recognition in addition to cameras systems and access control are the products that we seek to be a vital part in your business management.


We are always proud to initiate and develope our solutions with our partners. we pay special attention to details and we do care about providing up-to-date concepts. We believe integration and compatibiltiy with current systems is a key towards ours success.


Integration Services

In Business City, we believe that the interconnection and integration of software services into systems is one of the pillars of a successful digital transformation. With years of experience in connectivity and systems integration, we are pleased to offer professional consulting and software services that elevate digital services and keep pace with customers' aspirations

  • API for database integration
  • Schaduled data fetching
  • Stable services for long term usage
  • Fully compatible with CyberSecurity standards and requriments
  • Maintaining integration of systems in a way that ensures the continuity and stability of services without interruption


Time is money, and in order to get productive work hours from employees organizations always looks for an automated system that is 100% accurate, flexible and completely compatible with thier infrastructure and systems

  • Hijri and Gregorian Calendars Support
  • Bilingual (Arabic - English)
  • Mobile attendance by Hadir App
  • Integration with HR System
  • Different Shift Types Support
  • Overtime Support
  • Android & iOS native apps
  • Special Screens for Enquiring Employees
  • Automated Inspection Rounds


How secure a building is begins from the way you get in to it. Zaer comes with a varity of features to allow full control and help security people manage visitors' coming and leaving and save records about their actions and the purpose of the visit as well as the target person/department

  • Hijri and Gregorian Calendars Support
  • Bilingual (Arabic - English)
  • Statistics Reports
  • Registering Visitors Belongings
  • Registering Visitors Vechiles
  • Different Report Formats
  • Black List of Visitors and Organizations
  • SMS & Email Integration

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Kingdome of Saudia Arabia

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  • Branches: Dammam - Jeddah

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