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Why Hardcat

When it comes to asset management, certainty depends on a single source of truth. The reliability of your data lives or dies on the quality and integrity of your asset register. It also houses all the fundamental activity about every asset in your business. That’s why we centralise this critical asset information to help you make informed decisions, and to take complete control of your assets.



HardcatWeb Module allows more stakeholders/users to access a single source of asset truth with complete security via simple internet access.

  • HardcatWeb is lighter front end for users who do not need to be burdened with administrative functions of the system.
  • It allows greater oversight and accountability for Assets; better responsiveness to asset maintenance; reduction in information bottlenecks; more rapid and timely update of basic asset data.
  • HardcatWeb – Mapping module allows the user to collect GPS x, y and z co-ordinates using the MiCat Smartphone App location feature.


MiCat Smartphone Application

Hardcat has developed an application for Smartphones/tablets. It allows the user to create new assets, audit assets, manage work orders & reactive problems as well as provide engineers with visibility of work orders automatically issued to them, in accordance with the configured Hardcat maintenance regimes.

  • The application supports the ability to scan barcodes, to identify work orders relevant to the given asset as well as to take photos.



CatScan is an application that runs on the PDA that performs both the data capture as well as audit functions. Information is recorded via a hand-held barcode reader running an application called “CatScan” specially designed by Hardcat to enable the system user to collect data efficiently, accurately and in an organized and efficient format.

  • Consistency of captured data
  • Rapid selection of criteria in drop-down lists or barcode scan-able fields
  • Facility to create new criteria “on the fly”
  • Achievable near-perfect accuracy
  • The amount of time lost through human error to be reduced to an absolute minimum


Integration Capabilities

Hardcat is highly configurable to each customers products and asset types. This provides ease with which to configure and flexibility to manage ‘any and all’ types of assets you need to manage in a single system.

  • In simplest of formats, Hardcat has built in Import and export facilities in CSV or Excel formats which may be used to manually upload information to and from Hardcat to any system.
  • Interface development and integration is possible for any 3rd party also (Including: SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, ….. ).

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