Zaer Visitor Managemnt Software

Zaer — Creativity In Visitors Management

For those organization where there is a vital need to record visitors transactions everyday, this process is challenging day after day. With hundred of records every day. We in Business City designed Zaer as a complete visitor management package to meet the need for Arabic system that is compatible with most of access control systms

Premium Package To Guarantee Smoothness & Effectvness

Zaer supports multible visitors data entry mechanisms, starting from date of visit registration and ending by printing outputs. Additionally, the modern and responsive design gives control over all important actions from portable devices like mobile phones and tablets

Fully responisve design support in all screens and comaptiblity with all browsers/p>

Zaer supports best of access control and identification technologies used to organize visitors movements

Zaer Derives ideas directly from users experience and suggestions, to guarantee meeting customer needs and for optimum benifet of the operational technologies involved

Our support team is available upon request to provide help

Easy Visitors Search

Multiple and straightforward ways to search and fetch reports about visitors movements and transactions during day time

Smart Gates Support

Zaer supports integration with smart gates in top secured organizations to oversee and control visitors entrance and record thier data while they pass the gates

Integration with Available Systems

Integration with current systems to fetch employees data in case there is a need to record employees' movement to and from organization using optimum integration technologies available

Access Control Technologies

Different access control technologies are available and supported including fingerprint, face recognition and smart cards


Directly interacting with visitors by specifying the targeted department/people and approving or denying their visit requests

Roles and Priveleges

Flexible control over all functions including visitis coordination, report priniting and visitors registration upon their arrival

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