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COVID19 AI temperature measurement system

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At Business City, the health and safety of our teams are at the heart of our priorities, especially as we're going through an unprecedented health situation. Facing the changes that this situation requires, Business City adapts its organization to ensure the continuity of our services, while preserving the health of all. We put in place technological means to ensure the security of our teams and customers, while allowing continuity of current business.


AI Measurement

The system is an AI-based, high-accuracy, contactless temperature measurement system that is used to detect persons infected with COVID19.

  • Rapid body temperature screening (10 persons per second) without affecting passenger flow speed
  • High measurement accuracy (± 0.3 ℃)
  • Instant temperature measurement (<0.5 s)
  • Forehead temperature measurement only, to prevent false alarms due to drinks and clothes.
  • Contactless measurement to reduce cross-infection and avoid interference for uncooperative participants
  • Ease of deployment (2-3 hours) as a standalone system, to meet urgent anti-epidemic needs.
  • Face recognition with mask (accuracy 90%+), to recognize workers and infected people. Each unit can store up to 300,000 faces
  • Real-time alert for individuals without masks
  • Can be integrated to CCTV systems for people tracking


TBS Solutions

  • Highest hygienic devices: touchless solutions with fingerprint or iris recognition
  • Touch devices supporting use of latex gloves with multispectral recognition
  • Provide access to Medical staff, Maintenance staff and Service providers
  • Access through visitors management applications to staff in common areas
  • Patient identification and interactive solutions (registration, appointments, data
  • Restrict access to labs, analysis, pharmaceuticals, tools and machines rooms
  • Staff attendance recording and traceability beyond a single location

Queue Managment

In these special circumstances, ESII provide you with its Orion solution FOR FREE. Orion enables you to make your queue virtual to help you to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible.

  • Easy to use, this solution does not require any hardware to install and can be deployed remotely within 48 hours without moving.
  • Required time for your IT department is less than 2 hours.
  • At home, the patient scans this QR-code on your website to take a virtual ticket without going out.
  • If he's already on the premises, the patient scans the QR-code printed at the entrance of your facilities.
  • If he took a virtual ticket, the patient checks "Call me as soon as possible" to indicate you staff that he arrived.
  • Then it is his turn, the calling desk appears on the patient's phone and he also receive an SMS to notify him.
  • Geolocation of the patient : he cannot take a virtual ticket if he's located more than N kilometers away
  • Prevent congestion in your waiting room
  • Visualization of the estimated waiting time for your patient, he doesn't have to stay in your waiting room for hours


Smart Gates

TiSO company offers special solution for authorizing access depending on persons state of health. More specifically such system enables to limit access of people with suspected disease symptoms such as high temperature.

  • TiSO speed gates with special integrated authorization system performs face identification and monitors body temperature.
  • Such solution can be widely used in public places like hospitals, airports, border control zones, etc.
  • Contactless temperature control – allows to control access of people with abnormal temperature.
  • Equipped with audio module (siren) – in case of detection of person with abnormal temperature.
  • ace recognition of a person with mask on face.
  • Alarm in case of mask absence on face
  • Readymade solution that does not require special provision for installation and can be mounted in any place with help of universal mounting plate.
  • Free software – work hour counter + monitors of body temperature per employee.
  • Materials: SS 304 (optionally SS 316) IP54 protection for easy disinfection


Healthy Asset Management

HardcatWeb extends your Hardcat asset management solution throughout your organisation, without exposing the full functionality of the traditional Hardcat client/server Windows application.

  • This does not replace your Hardcat system, it complements it by simply sitting on top of your current system.
  • Reporting is made available to key stakeholders who may wish to access reports, without having to install the Windows client on their desktop or learn how to navigate through the various Hardcat modules to locate the relevant data.
  • HardcatWeb greatly amplifies the benefits you gain from the use of Hardcat, as the web interface allows data to be collected in various locations.
  • Allow more people to safely access and update the Hardcat database. Exposing only their access level functionality and without the need for any specialised training.

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