A perfectly Optimized Attendance Management Solution

Hadir is the prefered attendance managment system in KSA for many organizations. Offering solutions for attendance management by interactive communications between employees and supervisors through mobile app

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The Idea

The beggining was in 2012, Business City team decided to design and develop a full Arabic system that is simple, modern and accurate. Taking into conideration market needs and government/private requirements to manage employees attendance in very transparent manner, with 100% correct outputs and reports. This vision resluted in a flexible, scalable and integratable system called Hadir


In Hadir we innovate ideas in cooporation with our clients which results in otptimum benefit from all system resources


WIth schaduled updates in every quarter in the year, users will always take advantage of all features and add-ons


A modern up to date desing support to allow for best browsing experience across all protable and desktop devices


Simplelisty and usablity are key facotors we take into consideration to guarantee best experience for users

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Unique Features

Integration with current systems

Integration with current solutions is a key in our products to guarantee const and effort effective service

Employees Data

Reading employees data like employee id, name, departments and syncronizing them automatically to Hadir


Reading employees vacations and all employee's registered excuses from HR system.

Month Summary Reports

Hadir will allow provisioning employees deductions and shortages after approval from management to HR & Payroll system

Active Directory

Employee will use same Active Directory Credentials to log in to Hadir

Single Sign On

Following same login process used in all organizations system, single sign on integration will guarantee security and privacy

Fingerprint Readers

Hadir supports most of the famous and well known fingerprint readers regardless of the integration technology used

Face Recognition

Hadir supports various face and iris recognition technologies

Smart Cards

Smart cards is one of the various technologies Hadir supports to indentify and verfy employees and record their attendance


Following the same sms notification configurations used in an organization, Hadir conusmes the same service with ability to provide special sms service that comes as packages with Hadir


Email notification is also supported in Hadir in all services available in the system

Hadir Mobile App (Android - iOS)

Now you can manage all employee requests and oversees their attendance by simple click in Hadir mobible. Fully supports push notifications for better follow up and intercation between employees and supervisors/p>

Attendance proof by Hadir App

Hadir Mobile allows employees to proof thier attendance by using their account in Hadir mobile app while they exist in pre-defined geographical area, it also allows multiple locations for each employee


Supervisors and employees will be reciveing notifications telling them of the status of the request initiated and approved/denied

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