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ESII is widely acknowledged as one of the leaders of customer journey management with over 18,000 sites installed worldwide


ESII creates, develops and commercialises the technology, the solutions and the services to respond to the increasingly sophisticated demands of the queue management market. Our company offers solutions and services with high added-value for customer journey management, the optimization of resources, purchase collection, queue management, ticket dispenser, digital signage and interactive kiosks.



eGestat™ is the ideal solution for managing your reception simply and without a computer server. Ergonomic, easy to install, scalable and powerful, eGestat™ provides real comfort for your clients, improved efficiency for your teams and a gain in productivity for your organization.

  • Ease of use: native WEB interface
  • Solution with no IT server (no licence fee)
  • Secure access
  • Viral immunity
  • Compatible with all ESII peripherals
  • Web supervision of the queues and workstations on a single screen



eSirius™ is the most advanced queue management and customer journey solution of the market. It offers you a fluid reception and enables you to manage one or several sites (branch, store, etc.) in a centralized way . You can allocate your teams according to demand, establish a personalised relationship with your visitors and give your reception a modern and dynamic image.

  • Fluid, communicating and multiple-site reception
  • Personalised relationship with your visitors
  • Active communication
  • Modern and dynamic image
  • Mobile customers
  • Decision-making statistics



The Weasy ESII solution makes your customers free from waiting. It displays dynamically the number of people waiting and when the counter calls, it starts vibrating, buzzing and displaying the point of service to go to.

  • Mobility solution for customers
  • Visitors totally free from waiting
  • No additional display required
  • Easy orientation
  • Connected to the reception management solution
  • Very easy to add or change cards, just position it on the base
  • Shock resistance (Fall of 1m)
  • Protection against theft



SmartWait™ is an easy-to-use application allowing you an innovative alternative to the classic queue management systems. Save time for your customers and receive them when they want. SmartWait™ geo-positions your establishment depending on where your customer is. With this application, they are aware of the waiting conditions in real time for each of your services. They can indicate the time they wish to come and take a virtual ticket in the queue. If your customer is no longer available, no problem, SmartWait™ will take care of everything: your customer can change their time, postpone it or simply cancel it.

  • Customer loyalty through a unique quality service
  • A modern, professional and differentiating image
  • Appointment making
  • Flexibility: the call time can be changed
  • Strengthened communication impact


Twana™ Diseo™

The Twana™ DISEO kiosk is part of our solution for customer reception management. Twana™ DISEO is design, modern, multipurpose and compact; the kiosk identifies your customers and communicates with them in an innovative way. The interactive kiosk allows you to know the visitors' need, to identify them when they come for an appointment, to take a ticket and easily direct them. Thanks to its customisable design, it will integrate perfectly to your context.

  • 100% customizable
  • Smart card (eID incl.), bar code (1D/2D) and RFID readers
  • Compliant with whole DISEO range
  • Low energy consumption
  • Connectors compatible with all standards

TWANA™ Ultimate

Interactive customer reception kiosk The multifunction Twana™ Ultimate kiosk is part of our solution for customer reception management. Combining design, robustness, performance and ease of use, it offers a real image of customer relationship. The Twana™ Ultimate allows you to know customer need, identify an incoming appointment, enter information (forms), take a ticket and direct your visitors easily. It integrates seamlessly into your reception environment and enables effective communication with its customizable design. The kiosk comes with visual displays matching your requests to easily start your system and you have the configuration

  • Fully and easily customizable
  • Secure Browser
  • Enhanced communication
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy installation and maintenance



The DISEO™ TS is an interactive identification terminal with the most advanced customer reception features: selection of a service, direction, dynamic scenario, etc.

  • 100% customizable
  • Smart card (eID incl.), bar code (1D/2D) and RFID readers
  • Compliant with whole DISEO range
  • Low energy consumption
  • Connectors compatible with all standards

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