Organizations Protection Begins By High End Control Rooms

Business City provides technical solutions for control rooms, focused on the manufacturing and exporting of high added-value technical furniture and ergonomic solutions for non-stop operation environments

Control Rooms

We have a wide range of products that enhance the management and the organization of the 24x7 operations environments and their annexed spaces, using at any time the suitable product for the user's needs. Operations and supervisor consoles, meeting tables, archive furniture, printing cabinets, auxiliary technical furniture, specific 24x7 chairs & ergonomic supports.


T-Line Console

The design of the T-Line console is based on a simple, rounded, balanced and robust concept. An attentive search for ergonomics, considering the position of operator’s legs and feet to the slanted base of the console, enabling a comfortable position. The versatile T-Line easily allows modularity by creating multiple consoles. The backdoor provides a simple and comfortable way to access its wide storage area.


V-Concept Console

The design of the V-Concept is based on a simple, dynamic, lightweight and minimalist design. The design of the structure is totally modular, with all its elements integrated into its characteristic "V" shape in section. This allows the creation of multiple posts where communication between the different operators is facilitated.


CRAE Console

CRAE Console is a high added-value technical solution, designed for environments which require a high quality product with a great capacity for technological integration. CRAE console is a highly modular product that allows the creation of closed or open workposts, depending on the equipment required by each operator.


KOMPAS Console

KOMPAS console is a new concept of control console that aims to provide a high technological degree to the 24x7 operations environments, using simple and visually light work systems, focusing efforts on providing the maximum value to the user.

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